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For The Purpose Of Art…


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OMG! Where Is The Miracle Breakthrough Already?!


Have you ever spent time contemplating that age ole question…

Why me?!

It is one of those internal dialogues that secretly plagues each and everyone of us as the rest of the world seems to have their $#*+ together.

Looking out there life seems to be easy and the others seem to be getting ahead.

They all seem to be happy, peaceful, blissful, successful, talented, handsome/pretty, in shape, healthy…

My God…

They have EVERYTHING I want…

They have EVERYTHING I need…

Meanwhile you struggle in silence hoping to have some miraculous breakthrough in that thing that seems to be holding you back from achieving your Life’s grand purpose.

And no matter how hard you try…

No matter how much work you put in…

The miracle breakthrough that you have been searching for never seems to show up.

Every little gain made goes out the window because here you are again in the same place you once thought you overcame.

There is no momentum…

There is no change…

The fight seems fruitless.

You become a sort of prey in the web of crappy circumstances ready to be consumed by Life’s dark vector.

So you wait for it to happen.

You wait for the collapse and the consumption.

You live in anticipation of your demise.

And you wait…

And you wait some more…

And yet nothing comes to destroy you.

You sit in the noise of your own hazardous internal monologue…

Or maybe not…

Maybe you put sound to that thought process and sit in a puddle of your own tears asking again out loud…

Why me?!

And maybe some answers start to come.

Maybe that thing is there to guard you from what may not be good for you.

Maybe that thing is there to protect you from what you may not be ready for.

Maybe that thing is there to not to destroy you but to help you expand and grow.

Maybe that thing is there to awaken you to an internal strength that you may not have known you possess.

Maybe that thing is there as a reminder to forgive.

Maybe that thing is there to enlighten you to a depth of love for others you have yet been able to discover.

Maybe that thing is there to enlighten you to a depth of self love you have yet been able to discover.

Maybe that thing is there to teach you in a visceral way what you are meant to share with the world.

Maybe that thing is not the enemy.

Maybe that thing is the stepping stone to your own victory

Maybe that thing that you feel is holding you back, is the very thing you NEED to be introduced to your own happiness, your own peace, your own bliss, your own success, your own talent, your own beauty, your own health, and your own vitality.

Is it scary?

Oh yeah…it is scary as F(*^!

But no growth has ever come without growing pains.

And if that thing has come into your Life, you have the power to transmute it.

All you can do is continue doing the very best you can with what you have and never lose hope or faith in your own ability to overcome it.

If someone comes to help along the way…HALLELUJAH!

But if not…


Each and everyone of us has the power within to transform even the worst of circumstances into our very own blessing that can then be shared with the rest world.

So hold on…

You got this…

It may take some time…

But if you are reading this right now…

You have been blessed with the time to do it.

So keep going!

The Miracle Of Obstacles


“The miracle of the most complex obstacle is…It awakens the seeker of truth and authenticity within. It stimulates the warrior of light and wellbeing. It ignites the path to self love. It leads to a journey home.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Do Not Mistaken Your Personal Storm


“Do not mistaken your personal storm as punishment. These circumstances are the wakeup call necessary to you understanding that you are your own healer. You are your own hero.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

As You Read This Now


As you read this now, I want you to know that everything you are going through, you can transcend. You do not need someone to show you the way. The way is already within your heart. Listen and feels its message. You may need to crack it open. It may even hurt a bit. But inside your heart center is the recollection to the way. I promise you it is there waiting to be remembered.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

The First Lesson I Ever Taught 17 Years Ago


This is the first lesson I taught 17 years ago and I still stand by it 17 years later:

“Your truth is your perfection. In the very thing you consider your obstacle lives your opening.”~#MarioCampanaro©

Portal Of Growth


“The choice to persevere or crumble in the face of trying times lives solely in the mind of each and every individual. Before choosing, take note that within every obstacle dwells a portal of growth…An invitation to one’s own awakening.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

If Not You, The Who?


“What in the world makes you think that you are unworthy of beating the odds? If not you, then who? The odds are not against you. Your thoughts are. Time to change that channel.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Becoming The Answer


“When we cannot find the answer, we must BECOME the answer! Having faith in our own ability to transform obstacles is not ego-ic. It is simply necessary!”~#MarioCampanaro ©