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OMG! Where Is The Miracle Breakthrough Already?!


Have you ever spent time contemplating that age ole question…

Why me?!

It is one of those internal dialogues that secretly plagues each and everyone of us as the rest of the world seems to have their $#*+ together.

Looking out there life seems to be easy and the others seem to be getting ahead.

They all seem to be happy, peaceful, blissful, successful, talented, handsome/pretty, in shape, healthy…

My God…

They have EVERYTHING I want…

They have EVERYTHING I need…

Meanwhile you struggle in silence hoping to have some miraculous breakthrough in that thing that seems to be holding you back from achieving your Life’s grand purpose.

And no matter how hard you try…

No matter how much work you put in…

The miracle breakthrough that you have been searching for never seems to show up.

Every little gain made goes out the window because here you are again in the same place you once thought you overcame.

There is no momentum…

There is no change…

The fight seems fruitless.

You become a sort of prey in the web of crappy circumstances ready to be consumed by Life’s dark vector.

So you wait for it to happen.

You wait for the collapse and the consumption.

You live in anticipation of your demise.

And you wait…

And you wait some more…

And yet nothing comes to destroy you.

You sit in the noise of your own hazardous internal monologue…

Or maybe not…

Maybe you put sound to that thought process and sit in a puddle of your own tears asking again out loud…

Why me?!

And maybe some answers start to come.

Maybe that thing is there to guard you from what may not be good for you.

Maybe that thing is there to protect you from what you may not be ready for.

Maybe that thing is there to not to destroy you but to help you expand and grow.

Maybe that thing is there to awaken you to an internal strength that you may not have known you possess.

Maybe that thing is there as a reminder to forgive.

Maybe that thing is there to enlighten you to a depth of love for others you have yet been able to discover.

Maybe that thing is there to enlighten you to a depth of self love you have yet been able to discover.

Maybe that thing is there to teach you in a visceral way what you are meant to share with the world.

Maybe that thing is not the enemy.

Maybe that thing is the stepping stone to your own victory

Maybe that thing that you feel is holding you back, is the very thing you NEED to be introduced to your own happiness, your own peace, your own bliss, your own success, your own talent, your own beauty, your own health, and your own vitality.

Is it scary?

Oh yeah…it is scary as F(*^!

But no growth has ever come without growing pains.

And if that thing has come into your Life, you have the power to transmute it.

All you can do is continue doing the very best you can with what you have and never lose hope or faith in your own ability to overcome it.

If someone comes to help along the way…HALLELUJAH!

But if not…


Each and everyone of us has the power within to transform even the worst of circumstances into our very own blessing that can then be shared with the rest world.

So hold on…

You got this…

It may take some time…

But if you are reading this right now…

You have been blessed with the time to do it.

So keep going!

The Miracle Of Obstacles


“The miracle of the most complex obstacle is…It awakens the seeker of truth and authenticity within. It stimulates the warrior of light and wellbeing. It ignites the path to self love. It leads to a journey home.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Art(ists), Support, & Alchemy…

This is the second video I published dedicated to artists of all genres.

Its main focus is on the ability of the artist to become his or her own support system especially in times when it is lacking personally and/or professionally.

This video also discusses how we have everything within us to be the alchemists of our own Life experience.

“We all have a similar story where we feel like we haven’t been supported in our endeavors.

My response to that is…

Normally when you don’t have the support of others it rarely has something to do with you.

It really has to do with another person’s viewpoint of what they think your trying to achieve or not achieve.

And very often that is a false perception.

However, support, of course it is important, but before you can get the support of anybody else, you have to get the support of yourself.

And really understanding that everything and EVERYTHING you want to realize in your life is in your own responsible hands.

You have to be accountable for that which you desire.

You have to be your own cheerleader.

You have to be your own teacher.

You have to be your own healer.

You have to be your own support system.

You have to be your own best friend.

And if any of those are lacking you have some serious work to do to see how you can fulfill those roles for yourself.

You know, I really believe that we have been given everything to achieve that which we desire.

And sometimes life gives us obstacles in order for us to realize our own power.

To realize that we are capable of taking the most heinous circumstances and transforming them into our blessing.

And transforming them from coal into a diamond.

You know, if I listened to everybody that told me what my outcome was going to be I’d be dead.

But I took everything I had in myself to really go in and understand what my demons were (and I am still doing it…it is a process).

But understanding what in me is allowing these obstacles to keep happening?

What in me is keeping me from understanding my full potential?

What in me is allowing the world to feel dark?

What in me is allowing the world to feel limited?

And once I started to allow myself to look at those circumstances that I am allowing to live in my head I started to be able to transform them.

Little by little.

That definitely comes with growing pains.

But throughout that whole process the thing that I have learned is that the more I depended on other people the more I gave my power away.

The more I thought the answer was out there the more I needed more answers.

The more I turned in the more I started realizing that everything and EVERTHING already resided within me.

I just needed the balls to trust myself.

I needed the courage to know that I am enough.

I needed the heart to understand that I am my own healer.

I needed the strength to look at myself in the mirror and say “Ya got some work to do!”.

And then have the will to actually do that work.

You see, we are taught that everything we need resides somewhere “out there”.

We are taught that somebody else has the answer.

We are taught that if you follow this book it is going to find the way for you.

We are taught that if you go to this doctor he is going to have the answer for you.

We are taught that if you go to this guru, or this mentor, or this person or that person, they are going to give you the answer to your life.

But what we are not told is that the answer we are looking for IS US!

We are our own mirror but we have to be willing to look in that mirror.

We are our own path but we have to be willing to walk our path.

We are our own salvation if we are willing to allow ourself to see that we truly do have the power to be our own salvation.

We are the very thing that either gets in the way of our desires or the very thing that sets us free to experience that which we desire.

And this isn’t some self help bullshit.

This is actually our birthright.

This is actually what we’ve been given.

No matter what the circumstances are, there is always a way if there is a will.

As long as you have accountability for yourself…

As long as you have responsibility for yourself…

As long as you have the courage to look at where you may need some transformation…

As long as you have the self love to want to change for the better…

You can achieve anything.

You are a creative being by the nature of how you were created.

So knowing that, as a creative being, you have the ability to create that which you desire.

You have the ability to create alchemy in your own life.

You have the ability to be a warrior of that which you want to experience for your best and highest good.

The only thing that stands in our way is our ego and what we are taught marrying themselves to say that we are not enough.

And the truth of the matter is we are more than enough.

We have always been more than enough.”


The Forgotten Miracle Within


We all have a miracle within us that innately knows what to do.

Think about it.

We possess an inexplicable force that takes us moment to moment without monitoring our internal biological circumstances.

Our heart beats on its own.

We inhale oxygen without having to tell our body to do so.

Our blood circulates.

We turn food into energy.

Our cells reproduce without an instructional manual.

This force allows us to just BE.

We trust it and as long as it is in balance, we let it flow without a critical eye.

However, we have been conditioned to not trust this force nor our own instincts.

We begin to seek an “idea” of what we think this moment, here and now, should be.

We overlook the most reliable place to access our most concrete truth.

This way of being simply negates our very own divinity.

As a result, we begin to watch, listen, and monitor our every move causing a complete paralysis of the creative and healing energy needed moment to moment.

Everything we need comes from within and therefore is effortlessly attracted and manifested.

Our being is an inexplicably intelligent organism whose one and only objective is to sustain its peace, balance, harmony, and aliveness in the NOW moment.

This is what every human’s primary need is everyday.

This is the journey of every character we will ever reveal.

When we begin to experience specific blocks in our life and work, we receive messages, whether they be physical manifestations in the body, or even a slight voice that is whispering to us to pay attention to a specific need.

The closest and most intimate relationship we will ever experience is with ourself and our innate Spirit.

This is a relationship that we MUST learn to turn to for what serves our best and highest needs.

This relationship with ourself is one that MUST be a relationship of limitless trust.

Go within and seek the answers that we may be exhaustingly searching outwardly.

Go within and listen to that soft subtle voice that tells us what we truly know but may be ignoring.

Pay attention to the physical sensations in our body that our Spirit is sending to awaken us to pay more attention.

When we begin to tap into this crucial trust in ourself, only then can we experience what it feels like to live freely in your work.

Ask the questions and listen for the answers! They are there! Be patient! Trust!

Be aware! Become conscious! Awaken!