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The Heart Of The Creative Warrior…

In this Masterclass lecture, we have a “heart to heart” discussion about what it means to bring our heart to our work. Despite what many may think, the actor’s work is not just about going up on stage or screen to resight lines that a writer has written. There is no art in that. There is only the skill of memorization. We, of course, have the foundational tools that we will always use to bring us intimately into the world of the text. But after that necessary work is accomplished, the actor is called to live his, her or their most private essence in a very public way as it pertains to the given circumstances at hand. You see, the text is this incredible skeleton just waiting to breathe. And the actor is that brave soul that comes along to breathe the life into that skeleton. And that asks of the actor to share a piece of his, her or their heart, mind, body and spirit with the world of the text. And by the nature of what we do and the circumstances we are asked to reveal, we are inevitably going to be confronted with specific aspects of who we are that we may have closed off for one reason or another to those specific or similar circumstances. It is no secret that all those blocks and obstacles that we may experience in our everyday life are in some way somehow going to show up on our work. Why? Because we are asked to LIVE in our work. And the only way we can live in our work is by using our own instrument married with the accumulation of our own life experiences, observation, research and of course the power of imagination. You are the instrument to that life. You and your heart are the battery to that life. And in order to really do that kind of profound work, one has to go through some kind of emotional warfare at times to thoroughly endow the journey that a writer has written to give any given character the respect and life that that character is due. In other words, there needs to be some kind of internal exploration to gain some kind of visceral understanding and personal connection to what you are being asked to live and reveal so the truth can be brought to life in the work. And sometimes this requires facing our own personal obstacles. And sometimes this requires us having to face our own pain. And sometimes this requires healing. And sometimes this means having to safely work on unresolved parts of yourself and your heart outside of the work. The more you work on these unresolved parts of yourself in a safe and appropriateenvironment the more it allows you to experience your true wholeness so you then can bring more to your work. Now please do not get me wrong and let me be VERY clear! I do not think acting or acting class should EVER be used as or in place of therapy (even though I am sure in some ways it may very well be therapeutic for some). But I do think our work asks of us to constantly be working on who we are. I do think our work asks us to look at and heal our wounds. I do think our work asks us to have a courageous awareness of what has been shut down or what has been shut off. I do think our work asks of us what can be used and what most definitely should not be used in our work so we can make informed choices that allow us to safely and sanely bring potent life to our work. It is up to the actor to have that awareness of what he, she or they need to do to safely work on his, her or their own instrument (Self). And this will obviously be a life long job as life will always be hitting us with curveballs that need to be healed. The more you do that Self-work, the more you will be able to bring to your work. But nonetheless, it needsto be done. You have to always be working on yourself and taking care of yourself. At the end of the day, our instrument is that beautifully complex life force that is going to mobilize a character that only exists on the written page. And the actor is that creative warrior that volunteers to do just that!
I hope you enjoy this lecture!
Much love,


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A Healing ACT(ivation) For The Artist

Dear Human Being…

Dear Artist…

Healing is not always going to be experienced as what may be labelled as ‘positive’.

It has taken an enormous accumulation of traumatic and emotional toxins to result in a present state of stagnation.

As these stored poisons energetically release from Life, there might possibly be an unpleasant cleanse mirroring the cause.

Be what it may, trust in the light within the healing process.

There awaits not only personal and artistic freedom, but also a delicious sense of peace and wellbeing to be enjoyed within daily Life.

As you read this now, I want you to know that everything you are going through, you can transcend.

You do not need someone to show you the way.

The way is already within your heart.

Listen and feel its message.

You may need to crack it open.

It may even hurt a bit.

But inside your heart center is the recollection to the way.

I promise you it is there waiting to be remembered.

You have not been forgotten.

You have been turned around and upside down to awaken you to how strong you truly are.

This is the path to your forgotten power.

No one ever said it was going to be easy.

There are going to be seasons of strife and struggle.

But it is from those accumulated moments that will come your greatest inspirations.

May you see the light in the dark.

And may you see the truth over all untruths.

May anything that disturbs your peace dissolve.

And may all that has invaded your well-being, be your greatest inspiration to your own self realization.

Much Love, Light, and All Things Good,



Change Is Coming…Let Go Of Holding On


As I am sure many of you have been experiencing, especially those of you that are highly sensitive, there have been a great deal of energy shifts happening in and around all of us.

The velocity of things is intensifying and the universe is going through a powerful transformation while asking…or I should say…demanding…all of us to also accompany her/him/it on this evolutionary journey.

There is not much of a choice…

It is happening and we have the responsibility to be part of that change…that growth…and that expansion.

If it is happening ‘out there’, it is most definitely happening ‘within’ as we are all connected to the greater part of the creative expansive whole.

Of course, it is very easy for us to get alarmed by these experiences especially if we do not understand what they are.
And yes, there has been an alarming amount of crisis in our world.

However, without sounding trite, in the presence of light, humanity, without fail, is infinitely stronger together than the desperately despicable attempts and actions of darkness.

And it is exactly that light that is calling upon all of us to match its frequency now.
In order for us to match that frequency, many are experiencing growing pains to get there.

Just as we have growing pains from all the transitions of childhood to adulthood, so do we have these similar pains as we shed what no longer serves in order to evolve into our higher collective self.

Very often, as these expansive energy shifts happen, they can cause some intense physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual experiences that may feel like crisis because they quite obviously differ from those in our familiar everyday life.

But they are guiding us to change for our best and highest good.

For the universal good.

A change that aids our soul’s individual mission here on this beautiful planet to help one another get back to the ultimate truth.

Some may feel highly emotional.

Maybe you catch yourself crying or laughing out of the blue without even understanding where it is coming from.

Some may have odd feelings of confusion.

Others may be experiencing agitation, irritability, or even outburst of irrational anger.

There may be those of you that have the feeling of just wanting to impulsively change everything including your job, location, relationships, etc.

Maybe you just want to get away.

There are those that may just do the opposite and want to cling onto everything for dear life.

And then there are those that may even get so triggered by these shifts that they act out in self destructive behavior as a coping mechanism to deal with these changes because they feel it is just too much at one time.

This is an important time individually and universally.

The best piece of advice I can give during these times is to let go of holding on.

I know these times can feel so extremely difficult.

It is especially during these times that we do indeed want to clench onto what feels familiar by believing they serve as some sort of life preserver preventing us from drowning in the unknown.

But sometimes it is our holding onto the familiar that is actually the very thing that is keeping us in the circumstances we are trying to free ourself from in order to expand and grow.

What if the unknown is not the enemy we seem to be defining it as?

What if it is the hallelujah we have been seeking?

What if beyond that wall of our everyday rigid belief system and structure lives the key to our personal and collective healing, to our freedom, and even to the bliss of our true purpose.

To get there, we have to be willing to do the work.
We have to go into the trenches.

We have to be willing to face what is not serving us and LET IT GO to make room for what does.
And we have to have the Strength, Courage, Perseverance, Willingness, Self Trust, Self Nurturing, and Self Love to do this kind of work.

Of course others may be of service but the truth is it is ALL YOU in relationship to your role with the universe.

It can only happen from and through you.

Do yourself the favor and break free from any bondage that is not good to you, for you, and about you.

Then climb over that tall wall no matter how difficult it may be.

Use your blood, sweat, and tears to finally meet your true Self on the other side of what is keeping you from your own personal evolution so you can join in the universal evolution.

Once you get there, I guarantee you will wonder why you held onto all the other stuff as long as you had.

A change for the better is coming.

The universe wants you to be happy, healthy, vibrant, successful, and encompassed by love and compassion.

It is just waiting for you to join in the momentum.




“Dear Human Being…Dear Artist…Healing is not always going to be experienced as what may be labelled as ‘positive’. It has taken an enormous accumulation of traumatic and emotional toxins to result in a present state of stagnation. As these stored poisons energetically release from Life, there might possibly be an unpleasant cleanse mirroring the cause. Be what it may, trust in the light within the healing process. There awaits not only personal and artistic freedom, but also a delicious sense of peace and wellbeing to be enjoyed within daily Life.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

The Magnitude Of Our Successes


“What matters is not the magnitude or identity of your successes, but that which you do with them to help others experience their own.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Rise Above


“Engaging in the mental drama of futile issues is like requesting a dose of poison and expecting to feel vibrant. Rise above. Heal your heart, silence your mind, and awaken to the innate peace within by meditating on what is of true importance.”~#MarioCampanaro ©