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Being Active In Your Gifts


“Life is too short to be waiting around for others to catch up to where you have already evolved. Do not be bitter in your solitude. Be active in doing something positive with it. Be the teacher of truth. Be the spark of transformation. Be the lighthouse in the storm.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Where Are Your Energies Going?


“Why focus your energies on trying to be ‘better’ than another?

That is just an insecure energy from your own personal drama.

Perhaps commit to the choice of being better than YOU were yesterday in Mind, Body, and Spirit. And if you can help someone else along the way, even better!

Our only real job is to self evolve and then help each other do the same along the way.

It is NOT about competition…it is all about COLLABORATION.

But we have gotten lost in the brain fog of militant/political/social power, status, greed, etc which are all low energies and extremely corrosive, egoic, and let’s face it… very fleeting/temporary.

Self Evolution accompanied with and resulting in a Collective Evolution…now that is eternal.

Coming together in support of each other…now watch the world change from fear factor, to one of flourishing creation.

Until then we go on sleep walking, fighting, hating, poisoning, and destroying rather than awakening, living in peace, healing, loving, and creating in harmony.

A dream?


A reality?


A choice?

Definitely!“~#MarioCampanaro ©