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MC² Actors Studio

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Cultivating Craft For The Professional Actor

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Mario Campanaro, founder of MC² Actors Studio, is a master acting teacher with a profound understanding of the human condition. He is a warrior for truth and authenticity. He re-minds the actor that “Your truth is your perfection. In the very thing you consider your obstacle lives your opening.”

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MC² Testimonials

Over the past two decades, Mario has had the privilege of working with countless immensely talented actors from both stage and screen. Check out what these incredible actors have to say about their experience working with him in class and privately.

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MC² Coaching

Mario is renown internationally for utilizing groundbreaking craft, the full potency of the moment, and his intuitive gifts in supporting actors and artists of all genres dissolve the barriers that keep them from realizing their greatest potential.

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MC² Classes

MC² Actors Studio is a conservatory based ensemble oriented studio cultivating craft for the professional actor. The studio is challenging yet safe environment dedicated to exercising the actor’s instrument with a high standard for truth, authenticity, sophistication, commitment and professionalism within the work.

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“Mario has truly deepened my work as an actor and because of that I love and respect the art form more and more. He has taught me the importance of specificity more than any one and guides me to look inside myself to find the character’s truth. I booked a job in the first couple of months of working with him and have had a lot of good feedback and call backs from my auditions. But most of all he has a huge compassionate heart, I love him!”

Sonoya Mizuno

“I’ve just done the most incredible acting class with Mario Campanaro who runs MC² Actors Studio. If you’re an aspiring actor, you want to get into a good class, you want some incredible incredible feedback and be surrounded by beautiful, amazing, talented people…this. is. the. class….I’m super blessed to be a part of it. He is just insane. I just wanted to share it with all of you and spread the love…These classes have come at exactly the right time in my life and couldn’t be more thankful to MC² Actors Studio and the incredible ensemble I’ve been welcomed into.”

Jonny Labey

“My experience with Mario is unlike that with any other acting coach. He is one of the most special human beings I have ever encountered. Mario has not only transformed my work and my audition feedback but also my life and the way I view it. My life is brighter with him in it and my work is greater with him teaching me and I can honestly say that he brings out the best possible me.”

Ryan Newman

“Back in class with the phenomenal MC² Actors Studio. Cannot recommend it enough, has really reignited the fire. Now is the perfect time to hone those skills so you’re ready when it all kicks off again. An incredible group of hardworking and talented performers coming together to sharpen their tools in an environment where it is OK to make mistakes and grow. Heart full.”

Sam Mackay

“Mario is one of the most inspiring coaches & guides I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I truly feel there has been so much growth in my work & in my life in general because of this very special man. His patience & attentiveness to guiding us all is so wonderful to watch & experience first hand. I feel very fortunate to have met him & I know that if I am stuck with something, that he absolutely will help me find my way to the result needed!…This class is EVERYTHING I’ve looked for in an acting class. A true safe space, where there is no BS or judgment. To feel supported and surrounded by wonderful like minded human beings who are brave and open. There is ALWAYS things to explore and the learning never stops. How can it? new things happen in our lives everyday and bring new experiences. So incredibly grateful for you Mario.”

Amy Louise Pemberton

“Mario’s teaching is unbelievably transformative. You literally will not believe the degree of truth that he will guide you towards extrapolating from within yourself. For myself, it has been an incredible powerful and positive transformation.”

Cameron Mouléne

“Mario creates an extremely safe environment to create and explore in. He has amazing an energy and intuition. More so than giving me excellent insight to characters, he inspires me to constantly question what I’m doing and produce my best (and most honest) work. He is a brilliant and genuine human being. It is a blessing to have him on your team!”

Sadie Calvano

“Meet my amazing acting coach, Mario Campanaro, who is turning me into the next Meryl Streep! Really love working with you!”

Kendra Wilkinson

“What is shocking and unique about Mario as a teacher and a man is the depth of real human understanding that he brings to relationship. He is allergic to BS and that relentless pursuit of authenticity informs the work he does as an acting teacher, but somehow he manages to do it in the boundaries of a safe and confidence building environment.”

Chad Allen

“Mario is my go to for coaching with auditions in LA!! Really appreciate his support and his insanely spot on coaching!!Love working with him…he is incredible! Thank you Mario!”

Esther Anderson

“Monday night are now my favorite. So much talent in the room. Learning so much. Humbled. Honored. Ugh just so good. Buzzing too much from this glorious class. Delighted to have found this tribe. So grateful to have discovered this class…Soaking up every little morsel of insight and direction from Mario Campanaro (thank you).”

Lucas Rush

“Mario is an incredible human being and an extraordinary acting coach. I have never come across someone who cares more deeply for the actors and their experience. He is not a paint by numbers coach. He is truly invested in you as an individual and bringing out what makes you unique and special.”

Skyler Day

“Thank you so much Mario. You are awesome and so inspiring learning from you and everyone. Inspired! Thank you for everything and your teachings!”

Johnny Bishop

“Let me begin by saying this: it is really hard for me to find an acting coach I really like. Let me continue by saying this: I’m really glad I found Mario! I’ve had such good auditions. I feel great about the work we do. I like the choices we discover. And most importantly, I am so comfortable with him because I know he cares. Let me finish by saying this: he’s a gentle, genuine human being that puts his soul into his work.”

Edy Ganem

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