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As The Great Bianca Del Rio Says: “Not Today Satan!”…

Transcript Of Video:


As actors…

As artists…

We are constantly going to be confronted with feedback…

And opinions…

And criticisms…

And reviews…

But we have a choice to make…

Do we allow ourselves to take that information…

And use it to better who we are?…

Not that we are not whole as we are…

But there is always room for growth…

But do we take it…

And do we look at it…

And do we examine it…

And see how someway we can use it to expand us…

As artists…

As people?…

Or do we take that information…

And allow it to be this anchor that sinks our ship?…

Because when we do that…

We start to believe information that triggers us into thinking that we are not enough…


A perfect example is like…

Looking into a broken mirror…


When we look into that broken mirror…

What do we see?…

We see a reflection of a human being…

That’s completely distorted…


What’s the truth?…

Is that the truth?…

Is the distortion the truth?…

Or is the observer the truth?…

Is the wholeness of the observer the truth?…

You know…

When we believe all these things that tell us we are broken…

Or these things that we believe that tell us that we are not enough…

We start to run on this rollercoaster…

That brings us to a place of complete destruction…

And as the great Bianca Del Rio says:…

‘Not Today Satan!’…

You have to choose wisely…

Take the note…

But do not hold onto it!”

Why Does Art Hurt So Much Sometimes?!


As I sit down to write this week’s blog, I am struggling with what to explore.

Normally I get inspired to share a specific message, and then the process begins to flow pretty freely.

So what is so different about this week?

Why the block?

And then I realized I am actually not being stifled.

I am being detoured and led to a question that seems to keep coming up with students and private clients alike.

“Why does art hurt so much? Why does this thing that we love so much cause so much pain sometimes?”

Without fail, this question touches me in a profound way because I understand the depths in which it is coming.

It is not just a question to solve as if it were an equation.

It is one of the soul.

It is also one that does not have a finite answer as the individual path, mission, and purpose is different for each and every one of us.

But I do know this…

Art requires awareness which leads to questioning

Which leads to truthful acknowledgment

Which leads to a desire to grow

Which leads to the need for action…

Which leads to growing pains…

Which leads to transformation…

Which leads to evolution…

Which inevitably leads to the hunger to create and reveal on an individual and global scale.

It goes without saying that this process is like no other.
This journey asks of the artist to look at aspects of the Self and the world in ways that one would not normally do so in everyday life.
As we begin to face deeper truths, we are presented with a choice.
Do we allow these truths and heightened experiences to stifle us into a protective falsified shell?
Or do we allow these experiences to open us and begin an expansive creative transformation.
When we choose the latter, our sensitivity to inner knowingness thus becomes much more acute and prevalent.
Our relationship with our true Self becomes more accessible and deeply visceral.
At times this could be very scary, and yes, even painful, because it begins to dismantle a structure that no longer serves.
A physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual cleanse and recalibration begin to occur.
Inevitably, we awaken to a greater need for change.
A change that serves our best and highest purpose and mission as artists.
Yes, this revolution in our Life may at times feel like a tremendous tidal wave as it begins to break down barriers, shift relationships, and open a space within us that has always been present but not readily accessible.
We begin to thirst and hunger for the truth.
We become much more aware of the energy within and around us.
We become more conscious of how certain energies either nourish or deplete our creative field.
We begin to feel things at a deeper level.
Our lens begins to change, our listening intensifies, and that subtle voice within our heart and soul begins to speak a truth that in most cases we have ignored.
Once this magical door opens, a myriad of feelings that accompany the human condition begin to serve as an artist’s treasure chest.
An awakening of the color wheel of Life is discovered.
This is a gift and opportunity to understand, feel, and utilize the human experience.
It is a new relationship with the Self, the work, and the world.
This discovery of the human condition allows us to finally BE without limitations.
We are and always have been all things and everything if we just allow ourself to tap into our own infinity.
The pain is actually a sign of a new beginning as an artist.
It is a creative rebirth and it hurts because of all the love that is attached.

An inexplicable love for creation.

And as with any birth, the pain that accompanies is a small price to pay for the priceless miracle of any high vibrational creation which serves not only us as artists, but the good for us as a collective.

Transcript For Video:
“Why do I think art is important?

Because I think art is willing to say what nobody else is willing to say.

I think art speaks loudly in the face of doctrine to say that just because your saying ‘this is true’ does not necessarily mean it is.

I think art says ‘We are not willing to be brainwashed’.

I think art says ‘Yes, but…’

I think art challenges.

I think art progresses.

I think art looks at reality and sees when something is not working for the best and highest good for us as a human collective, it takes that reality and tries to transform it for the better.

And sometimes that means shaking things up.

I think artists are some of the bravest people we know.

I think they are warriors.

I think they are the ones that emotionally go to war for mankind.

I think they are the ones that emotionally and even spiritually allow themselves to be a vessel or conduit of change; a vessel of light for the collective.

What is the key component to all artistry?

I think compassion.

I think compassion allows us to understand the human condition in a way that does not allow us to judge it.

What is the greatest message I have for people?

I think it is to know yourSelf.

I think it is really about a discovery about learning who you are.

And really trying to take any kind of obstacles that life has given you and transform them to serve somehow.

To serve yourSelf, to better yourSelf.

To better who you are, to better your experience.

But also to help humanity as a collective.

There is so much suffering in this world.

And we get so lost in greed, competition, fame, fortune, and power.

But we forget that there is really one thing that matters.

And that is that we are all connected.

We have become so comfortable in our lovelessness that love has become an endangered species.

But I think in order to really love you have to understand its opposite sometimes.

You have to understand what love is not.

You have to understand darkness from a primal level.

Because I think only until you are able to understand its opposite can you really appreciate what love really is.

And then really pursue a mission in the name of love.

Otherwise it is all smoke and mirrors.

And I think we have plenty of that happening.”


Who Are You Really Competing Against?!


So let’s talk about this idea of competition, and how it absolutely serves NO purpose for us as artists.

Because the truth of the matter is the real competition is happening within with this inner saboteur that somehow someway is convincing us that we are not good enough, we are not special enough, or we are not individual enough to fulfill the idea of what we think the outside world wants from us.

And that is absolutely not true because by the nature of our birth our specialness has already been validated…

The mold has already been broken by the creation which is us.

And though others may have gifts that we don’t have, we have gifts that others don’t have.

But it’s not our job to be thinking in those terms.

We have to realize that the more we allow ourselves to live in a dynamic of competition the more we continue to walk on our own Achilles’ heel causing more pain and obstacles rather than freedom and ‘success‘.

It’s our job to show up as we are…grit and glory…utilizing the totality of who we are, unapologetically, and unfiltered…and then trusting that all that is more than enough to show up for the demands at hand.

And then letting go of what we think those results should be and trusting that if they are in alignment with what is best for us…they will show up for us unfailingly.

So why focus our energies on trying to be ‘better’ than another?

When we really examine this, isn’t it all stemming from all the insecure energies formulated from our own personal drama?

As we begin to consciously dissect things for clarity, we begin to see that we have gotten lost in the repetitive patterns and held in the bondage of past unfulfilled experiences that are causing us to seek validation to make up for what was once not validated.

Perhaps if we are going to participate in competition, allow it to be a healthy personal competition with the Self committed to the choice of being better than we were yesterday in mind, body, and spirit all the while nurturing that very process with self love, patience, and compassion. 

And then if we can help someone else along the way, even better!

At the end of the day it is our responsibility to Self evolve and then help each other do the same.

As we come together in support of each other, watch the world change from Fear Factor or Survivor, to one of flourishing creation.

It is not about competition…it is all about COLLABORATION.


Self Evolution accompanied with and resulting in a Collective Evolution

Now that is fierce!

That is eternal!

Until we get to that state of consciousness, we go on sleepwalking, fighting, hating, killing, poisoning, and destroying rather than awakening, living in peace, healing, loving, and creating in harmony.

A dream?


A reality?


A choice?


That internal choice is always our own for the making…


What do you choose?


Change Is Coming…Let Go Of Holding On


As I am sure many of you have been experiencing, especially those of you that are highly sensitive, there have been a great deal of energy shifts happening in and around all of us.

The velocity of things is intensifying and the universe is going through a powerful transformation while asking…or I should say…demanding…all of us to also accompany her/him/it on this evolutionary journey.

There is not much of a choice…

It is happening and we have the responsibility to be part of that change…that growth…and that expansion.

If it is happening ‘out there’, it is most definitely happening ‘within’ as we are all connected to the greater part of the creative expansive whole.

Of course, it is very easy for us to get alarmed by these experiences especially if we do not understand what they are.
And yes, there has been an alarming amount of crisis in our world.

However, without sounding trite, in the presence of light, humanity, without fail, is infinitely stronger together than the desperately despicable attempts and actions of darkness.

And it is exactly that light that is calling upon all of us to match its frequency now.
In order for us to match that frequency, many are experiencing growing pains to get there.

Just as we have growing pains from all the transitions of childhood to adulthood, so do we have these similar pains as we shed what no longer serves in order to evolve into our higher collective self.

Very often, as these expansive energy shifts happen, they can cause some intense physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual experiences that may feel like crisis because they quite obviously differ from those in our familiar everyday life.

But they are guiding us to change for our best and highest good.

For the universal good.

A change that aids our soul’s individual mission here on this beautiful planet to help one another get back to the ultimate truth.

Some may feel highly emotional.

Maybe you catch yourself crying or laughing out of the blue without even understanding where it is coming from.

Some may have odd feelings of confusion.

Others may be experiencing agitation, irritability, or even outburst of irrational anger.

There may be those of you that have the feeling of just wanting to impulsively change everything including your job, location, relationships, etc.

Maybe you just want to get away.

There are those that may just do the opposite and want to cling onto everything for dear life.

And then there are those that may even get so triggered by these shifts that they act out in self destructive behavior as a coping mechanism to deal with these changes because they feel it is just too much at one time.

This is an important time individually and universally.

The best piece of advice I can give during these times is to let go of holding on.

I know these times can feel so extremely difficult.

It is especially during these times that we do indeed want to clench onto what feels familiar by believing they serve as some sort of life preserver preventing us from drowning in the unknown.

But sometimes it is our holding onto the familiar that is actually the very thing that is keeping us in the circumstances we are trying to free ourself from in order to expand and grow.

What if the unknown is not the enemy we seem to be defining it as?

What if it is the hallelujah we have been seeking?

What if beyond that wall of our everyday rigid belief system and structure lives the key to our personal and collective healing, to our freedom, and even to the bliss of our true purpose.

To get there, we have to be willing to do the work.
We have to go into the trenches.

We have to be willing to face what is not serving us and LET IT GO to make room for what does.
And we have to have the Strength, Courage, Perseverance, Willingness, Self Trust, Self Nurturing, and Self Love to do this kind of work.

Of course others may be of service but the truth is it is ALL YOU in relationship to your role with the universe.

It can only happen from and through you.

Do yourself the favor and break free from any bondage that is not good to you, for you, and about you.

Then climb over that tall wall no matter how difficult it may be.

Use your blood, sweat, and tears to finally meet your true Self on the other side of what is keeping you from your own personal evolution so you can join in the universal evolution.

Once you get there, I guarantee you will wonder why you held onto all the other stuff as long as you had.

A change for the better is coming.

The universe wants you to be happy, healthy, vibrant, successful, and encompassed by love and compassion.

It is just waiting for you to join in the momentum.


He Appeared…


“He appeared…
‘But why have you forgotten the power of your heart? Can you not feel it begging to be remembered? It already houses the answers to all that you are trying to ‘figure out’. It is not through your ambition of overcoming the obstacle, dear one…it is through your heart that it is all transmuted.’
…and then He vanished.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Transmuting Internal Misalignments


“Once the trust vow is broken, rather than spending the energy on mending a false relationship, utilize that same source for transmuting internal misalignments that continue to invite these relationships to be part of your experience.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

The Innate


“While you are preoccupied listening to everyone else’s way, you are ignoring the innate that actually has your way. You will begin to see changes in your life once you accept that you have already been given what you are looking for.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

What You Were Born To Do


“You were not designed for self reproach. You were created to contribute to the continuity of universal growth and expansion in your own unique, perfect, and masterful way.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

The Universe’s Plan


“The universe has no interest in playing mind games with you. It is simply supporting you to fulfill your soul’s purpose.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Achilles’ Heel


“Those that feel competition are walking on their Achilles’ heel.” ~#MarioCampanaro ©

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