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Why Are You An Actor/Artist?…

In this Masterclass discussion, we open up about how very often there are going to be times during the journey that we are going to confront many bumps in the road. These peaks and valleys will very often challenge our relationship to acting. Why wouldn’t they? Our work uses the Self as the instrument to create the music of life for our artistry while also serving to live story in the safety of givens…for the purpose of community and the awareness of all the trials and tribulations of the human condition. And that Self is the very beautiful, very complex, very layered, very sensitive and very vulnerable human instrument. The work in and of itself will inevitably bring up a myriad of complex obstacles and therefore a self-exploration that asks us to question why we have taken on this journey of being an actor/artist. The industry and business side of being an actor/artist is a whole other mountain that can really trigger a myriad of circumstances causing a lot of dissonance within the relationship to our work. These difficult times can manifest complicated thoughts and feelings such as frustration, depression, competition, anger, resentment, self-esteem issues and more often than not, a love/hate relationship to the work. It can also trigger very complex issues within the Self creating a very interesting labyrinth of self-exploration that necessitates the need for observing, understanding and even possibly healing those triggers that threaten our relationship to our work/art and go so far as stimulate unproductive self-deprecating and self-destructive thoughts/feelings/emotions/behavior. Whether it is stemming from the work itself, the industry /business side of things, our own personal history or any other known or hidden factors, they all ask us to question what we are doing and why? I encourage you that when times get rough, always try to go back to that first time you chose to follow the path of your artistry. Remind yourself why you made the choice to do it and connect to that within your mind, body and spirit. Connect to that reason that first inspired you, excited you, motivated you, stimulated you, and called you to the craft. And then hold that dear in your heart.
I hope you enjoy this very open discussion.
With love,


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