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If You Are Struggling, You May Need To Hear This…

Let’s get personal…
As actors…as artists…it is not uncommon to have an extremely sensitive and even empathic instrument. We willingly live our lives experiencing the deepest level of the human experience. We expose our deepest self…our soul…to the world through our work…not only because of choice…but also…deep down…there is an undeniable calling. We are messengers of what is hidden. We are speakers of what is said and unsaid. We are un-doers of what is doctrinated. And we are hopefully the shifters of the human consciousness towards that which is good and true. However, there are going to be moments in lives…and in our work…when this can feel like a lot. It can get heavy. It can get burdensome. It can even hurt. It can go as far as feeling as if we are going to suffocate…in some energetic way…from a never ending state despair. In this Masterclass lecture, we open class about all the trials and tribulations we are experiencing in this here and now moment. It would be impossible to not have our feelings surrounding all the circumstances happening throughout our planet socially…politically…environmentally…spiritually…artistically…and dare I say…universally. We are all connected as key players in this here and now story of life. As creative sensitive beings responsible for revealing all aspects of the human condition, it would be impossible to not feel deep down within the depths of our soul, such strife happening…and how that all inevitably affects…not only our personal lives…but also…how it greatly affects and influences our creative artistic lives. So as actors…as artists…as people who care and are invested in using our gifts…our talents…our work…to stimulate…to agitate…and to inspire change…and BE powerful instruments of healing for the collective…what do we do? How do we deal? How do we make it through? How do we continue to do our work honoring what the intention of our work is? How do we stand strong in order to continue to stay in our openness…in our vulnerability…in feelings…our truth…and in our willingness to use all that is happening to stimulate the purpose of art…for the purpose of being instruments of light, of love…of influence…of awareness…and of change. How does our craft support us…how does it have our back…especially in times such as these…so we can do the work for that purpose. If you are an actor…if you are an artist…anyone alive…committed…and invested it what it means to be a key player in this here and now story of life…you will not want to miss out on this masterclass lecture.
Much Love,

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Seasons Of Strife And Struggle


“No one ever said it was going to be easy. There are going to be seasons of strife and struggle. But it is from those accumulated moments that will come your greatest inspirations.”~#MarioCampanaro ©