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Universal Awareness


“There can be no greater peace of mind than the self trust one inevitably obtains through the unrelenting practice of universal awareness resulting in a perfectly aligned and abundantly useful intuition.”~#MarioCampanaro ©



“Eventually things become so complicated, so terrifying, so chaotic, that finally everything short circuits…Everything stops. All of the sudden there is foreign silence. There is a strange peace.
There is unfamiliar perspective. You begin to breathe. You begin to surrender. You begin to connect to a divine intelligence within that changes the channel from ‘Why me?’ to ‘OK, I’m listening.'”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Invaluable Nature Of Inner Peace


“There are no words, possessions, relationships, or successes that can ever come close to replacing the invaluable nature of one’s inner peace.”~#MarioCampanaro ©

Creative Blessing


“May you see the light in the dark. And may you see the truth over all untruths. May anything that disturbs your peace dissolve. And may all that has invaded your well-being, be your greatest inspiration to your own self realization.”~#MarioCampanaro ©