Art(ists), Awareness, & Self Realization

Art(ists), Awareness, & Self Realization

“Life will always be throwing curve balls at us.

But we have a choice to make in those moments.

Do we allow those circumstances to be the thing that destroys us and causes us to crumble?

Or do we allow those circumstances to awaken us to bring a perseverance in us that we did not know we had?

To open the door to a determination to better who we are and then use that betterment towards helping the collective.

You see, the thing about awareness, it doesn’t allow room for lies.

It opens a transparency to see things the way they really are.

You don’t have to decipher circumstances because you understand, in their most pure form, what they are.

You’re not making stories to protect circumstances, but you are seeing it for what it is.

And you’re able to make choices based on that truth.

You see as artists, what we are not taught, is that we are indeed light workers.

We are able to see things that others are not able to see.

We are able to feel things that others are not willing to feel.

We are able to bring an awareness to people to help shift the consciousness towards a better tomorrow.

We have obligations to hold the light in the darkest of storms.

We have a duty to be strong in times of weakness.

We have to use our voices to be the thing that echoes to break the structure of what’s not working and that’s causing our own destruction.

We’re more than we are told we are and we have to start believing in our truth rather than what we are being told is the truth.

You know, when I was a little boy, I lived in this constant fear.

I was always in fright flight.

I was scared to death everyday without understanding why.

I lived in a space of unworthiness…unloveabilty.

I self doubted myself and always questioned my place in the world and questions people’s motive towards me.

And I will never forget, my mentors, when I was seventeen years old, would always say to me,’You have to start to trust yourself.’.

And I didn’t understand what that meant.

I thought they were just feeding me some doctrine from some self help book and I guess I was just trying to adopt it so I could fulfill their expectations.

But then something transformed in me.

Circumstances got really rough in my life and I started to awaken to who I truly am.

I started to remember where I came from.

I started to get in touch with a power in me that I never knew was there.

I started to realize I have the power to transform even the most heinous circumstances and use those circumstances to somehow better the world.

But first I had to better myself.

I had to be the example.

I still have to be the example.

You see, we are so lost in doctrine that we forget who we truly are.

We are so enrapt up in being told what is wrong with us that we lose the perfection that lives inside us.

We are taught that our imperfections are our flaws.

But what we are really not taught is that our imperfections are the stepping stones to our perfection.

They are the things that bring us into our blossoming.

They are the things that bring us into our transformation.

They are the things that make us wonderful!”




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