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Get The Dream Out Of The Dream-State

From The Masterclass:

“Sometimes you are going to have to walk through your very own Hades in order to get to your very own Utopia.

You may endure a lot.

You may even find yourself suffering at times.

But if you keep persevering…

If you keep sight of what you want…

If you keep on believing in what you are doing…

If you simply do not give up…

You will find that all that hardship pays it forward by bringing something profoundly fulfilling into your Life.

You may want to cry because it hurts so bad…

And then you may want to laugh until it hurts so bad…


You got through it.

And once you make it out of that fire…

You will finally see all the beauty hidden within the ashes. 

Each of us has our very own story of strife and struggle. 

And each of us has the potential for our own very deserving and awe-inspiring victory. 

You see, dear artist…

You are more powerful than you have been led to believe. 

The only way to lose sight of the dream is by simply giving up on it. 


Do. Not. Give. Up!

You and your dreams are essential to our world and to this lifetime. 

Continue to invest all of the necessary sweat-equity into what you want to make happen for yourself. 

And remember this…

You get what you put into your dreams. 

The (YOU)niverse simply meets you where you are and responds accordingly.

Get the dream out of the dream-state.

Work hard toward making it happen for your Life’s reality. 

Your talent can only take you as far as the professional accountability you maintain to do something with it. 

Remain accountable. Remain responsible.

Remain dependable. Remain open.

Remain mindful. Remain creative.

Remain as strong as a gladiator.

Remain as vulnerable as a child. 

Remain hungry for your craft. Remain driven for your work.

Remain a student of Life. Remain on-purpose.

Remain focused. Remain conscious.

Remain questioning. Remain aware.

Remain on time (early). Remain present.

Remain hardworking. Remain free of unnecessary tension. 

Remain business savvy. Remain an artist.

Remain professional. Remain respectful.

Remain compassionate. Remain understanding.

Remain empathic. Remain self-nurturing. 

Remain perseverant. Remain patiently impatient.

Stay on the path toward all the dreams that your heart and soul intend to experience.”
 Much Love,