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Upholding The Professional Standard

“When we enter a professionalactingstudio, we must always hold the intention of training, studying, exercising and doing the work with the same accountability, commitment, work-ethic, investment, responsibility, respect, professionalism, standard, skill, consistency and demand that the professional world expects and demands.

There is no point in training, studying, exercising and doing the work unless what is being learned, exercised and cultivated is applicable for the professional actor to do professional work for when professional opportunities arise. 

We cannot train, study and exercise for the sake of the studio itself. 

We have to endow the studio and use it to train, study and cultivate a craft for the professional world.

For the job!

For the profession!

In other words…

If the actor is studying and training as a professional, but there is no work or preparation involved, something is amiss.

That is when the work becomes a hobby, not a profession.

There are not many professional acting jobs that I know of where the actor is not expected to come in well-prepared to do the work they were hired and getting paid to do.

So why in the world would a professional actor ever train without the intent of those same professional demands? 

Talent is a very precious gift that can take you only as far as you are willing to cultivate it, nurture it, invest in it, and put it to good use. 

Your talent can only take you as far as the professional accountability you maintain to do something with it. 

Remain accountable. Remain responsible.

Remain dependable. Remain open.

Remain mindful. Remain creative.

Remain as strong as a gladiator.

Remain as vulnerable as a child. 

Remain hungry for your craft. Remain driven for your work.

Remain a student of Life. Remain on-purpose.

Remain focused. Remain conscious.

Remain questioning. Remain aware.

Remain on time (early). Remain present.

Remain hard-working. Remain free of unnecessary tension. 

Remain business savvy. Remain an artist.

Remain professional. Remain respectful.

Remain compassionate. Remain understanding.

Remain empathic. Remain self-nurturing. 

Remain perseverant. Remain patiently impatient.

Stay on the path toward all the dreams that your heart and soul intend to experience.”

~Mario A. Campanaro
Master Teacher
MC² Actors Studio
Los Angeles | New York City | London

The Studio Environment: Upholding The Professional Standard…

What is a professional acting studio environment?
Why do you choose to study at a professional acting studio?
How do you approach the continual exercising of your craft?
How do you approach doing the work at the studio?
What is your personal objective when it comes to…
What you want to gain…
What you want to learn…
What you want to experience…
What you want to do…
And what you want to accomplish…
When you are paying your hard earned money so that you can learn…
And continue the cultivation of a craft that you love?
Are getting those needs met?
Do you really own what you want to get out of a professional acting studio environment?
Are you learning what to do so you have a skillset that you can always rely on…
So that you know where to start…
So that you know how to persevere…
So that you know what you are doing…
So that you can specifically live in the unknown of the moment within the givens of the world of the text…
No matter what project you work on at the studio…
Or more importantly…
Offered to work on in the real world?
Is what you are learning applicable for what the real world demands?
Does it mirror what is needed in the professional world for you to do your job as a professional actor?
What standard do you hold the studio to?
And more importantly again…
What standard do you hold yourself to as you exercise your craft in that studio environment?
Do you hold yourself to the same standard that you hold other actors that you watch and respect on film, television and stage?
If not…
Why not?
What are you really exercising?
If these questions strike a chord, you do not want to miss this MC² Actors Studio Masterclass Interview.

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