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The Circles Of “I Am”…

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Authenticity Through Action…

Tapping Into Uncharted Territories…

Becoming The Answer

“Let No One Leave Your Presence Feeling Lonely”…

“One of the greatest tools an actor (or any artists/human for that matter) can possess is his or her compassion and empathy. The ability to have an open heart and a willingness to dive into the depths of the human condition is the very foundation for our work and the ability to live moment to unknown moment within extraordinary circumstances. We have to be willing to see, hear, feel, taste, understand and experience more than just our own small circle of experiences in order to live the vast highly complex life of characters in unimaginable pain, great struggle and overall high stake circumstances. This is ultimately the ‘in’ to every character we will ever play/reveal/live. Everyone has struggled. Everyone has suffered. Everyone has had trials and tribulations. Everyone has a story. Every story has a history that formulates who we are and how we move and function in life and what we strive to get, achieve, be and experience. We have to understand that at our very core, we function from survival love received and love unreceived. From there our story unfolds based on what life throws at us. This is not just about our technique. This is about humanity. It is about our humanity  And every human’s story has within it the worthiness to be witnessed simply because it is part of the essential fabric of this thing we all call ‘Life’.”
~ Mario Campanaro
Master Teacher 
MC² Actors Studio 
Los Angeles | New York City | London

Learning Who You Are Through Discomfort…

“Dear Actor…
Dear Artist…
Do not get overwhelmed by the enormity of your creative mission. 
Get inspired by the undeniable talent, strength and ability that inherently lives within you to do something remarkably transformative with it. 
Let me introduce you to your true Artist Self: 
You are a slayer of limitation.
You’re an alchemist. 
You are a creative gladiator.
You’re an artistic warrior. 
You were always meant to move mountains.
When most may exclaim:
The creative warrior simply whispers:
‘I am just beginning.’.”

~ Mario Campanaro
Master Teacher 
MC² Actors Studio 
Los Angeles | New York City | London

THE CHILDREN’S HOUR by Lillian Hellman MC² Actors Studio Scene Work

“Our awareness, observation and the exercising of what we learn about the human condition inevitably inspires and informs how we live honestly, truthfully and authentically in our work as actors. A lot of the time this may feel inconvenient, difficult, tedious and maybe even heart-wrenching work during the exploration process. Especially when there is not the immediate ‘payoff’ we so often crave. But the more we stay on track, the more we continue to persevere, the more we continue to align, refine and cultivate our craft, the more the ‘payoff’ will eventually come. It is about artistically and creatively persevering. Even during those moments when we feel like we don’t want to artistically and creatively persevere. It’s not about going around it, or over it, or underneath it. But going through it. We must go through it. We must be focused and disciplined in our approach to what we want to achieve as artists. And we must hold ourselves accountable within and throughout the creative process. Why? Because, as actors…that is and will always be a huge part of the artist’s journey…And let’s not forget this important fact…We love what we do! The craft of acting comes from the living, observing, and implementing of what Life itself has to teach us about the human condition…And then be able to marry that along with our imagination and personal investment to LIVE story as it pertains to a specific text. This is not just about technique. It is about humanity. It is about Life. Life itself has a delicious limitless rainbow of colors to offer and teach us as artists that is crucial to our work. I happen to call it Mary Poppin’s purse. It has everything needed within it! It is so important for the actor to stay open to it in their every day Life…to keep searching for the Life within the craft itself as it will ALWAYS be mirrored, justified, and validated by Life. Remember this…Life may not always be about acting…But acting will always be about Life!”
~ Mario Campanaro
Master Teacher
MC² Actors Studio
Los Angeles | New York City | London

Broken Hearts

From The Masterclass:

“It is not the ‘easy’ that makes the Artist. It is not the ‘easy’ that makes the difference. It is all the complexity. It is all the ‘stuff’ that we may very often want to shy away from, that is the necessary ingredients to our work. 

Sometimes it is all those ‘things’ that may make us feel broken hidden deep down within. It is all that ‘stuff’. The deep, messy, dark and even shattered truth that is so very beautifully human…so extraordinarily ordinary…and that is an undeniable truth…whether we like to admit it or not…that lives within each and everyone of us.

And it is all that ‘stuff‘ that is necessary for our glorious ‘opening’ within the creative process. 

You are necessary. You are the answer. The technique means nothing without You….ALL of You from the depths of your soul. 

And though your personal pain is not the pain of the character’syou will always have it there as a reference point (if it is safe and helpful to do so) to marry to the givens expanded by your imagination that can help you along the journey to fulfilling that greatness of the Life of the text.

It is that kind of bravery that makes the Artist. It is that willingness to deeply live in relation to the givens and to do so publicly that makes you and your work more than worthy of being witnessed.

And it is when the work becomes far more than just ‘play’…When it  holds an artistic and social responsibility within your mind and heart…When it serves a greater purpose…That the work really starts to make a difference in shifting the world in and around you.

The great paradox of that is…In order to really do that…You still have to be willing to INTENTLY play…With the objective of revealing the utmost truth…In a myriad of very often extremely uncomfortable circumstances…While also fulfilling that great artistic and social responsibility…By using and sharing your heart and soul.

But along that creative process, there may be times when you are going to have to walk through your very own Hades in order to get to your very own Utopia. You may have to endure a lot…You may even find yourself struggling/suffering at times…But if you keep persevering…If you keep on believing in what you are doing…If you simply do not give up…You will find that all that hardship pays it forward by bringing something profoundly fulfilling into your Life. 

You may want to cry because it hurts so bad…And then you may want to laugh until you cry…Because you got through it.

And once you make it out of the fire, you will see all the beauty hidden within the ashes.

Each of us has our very own story of strife and struggle. And each of us has the potential for a very deserving and awe-inspiring victory.

Stay along the creative path. Do not give up! Struggle through if and when you must. Discover what else there is…Because you are everything. It is all there. In you. Find yourself there. Meet yourself there. Honor yourself there. It’s all there waiting to be discovered, explored and tapped into.”

Much Love,

Mario Campanaro
Master Teacher 
MC² Actors Studio

MC² Actors Studio’s News Corner!

The Shepard Theater, Los Angeles 

On March 13th 2021, our studio had to make the difficult yet inevitable decision to close our physical studio theater doors due to the Covid 19 pandemic and open our virtual studio theater doors. However, we did not give up! We persevered! #ActorWarriors We did not skip a beat nor did we miss a single week! And though we struggled with the unknown, something incredible happened. As is so often the case in the life of the artist, we adjusted, adapted and made the creative conscious decision to do all we can to continue our work in this foreign land of Zoom while still upholding all of our professional standards of truth, authenticity, exploration, sophistication and artistic integrity.#BirdsOfAFeather 

For over a year and a half now, our ensemble members, internationally, persevered during a time when it would have been so easy to find reason not to continue to do the thing that they love. To find justification “to wait” or to hold off “until tomorrow” or when “it’s back in the space”. However, that was not the case at all. Our Los Angeles, New York City and London ensemble members continued to #GetUp rather than give up. Over the past year and a half, they all journeyed into a series of extremely beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious but always very complex texts #GladiatorsForTheWork.

This has been a very unique way of working for all of us and one that has gained much attention, respect and enthusiasm from actors, industry professionals and media internationally. As we all know, the camera never lies, and with close ups in mind (or even self tapes), it demands that the actor fully endow the utmost truth and authenticity within all of the givens of the text and the unknown of each and every moment. It challenges us all to go deeper and deeper in order to honestly reveal the life of the givens through our one-of-a-kind instrument. 

We also implemented the use of green screens for all scene work so that our ensemble members continued to endow and explore environment in a new and exciting way while also developing this necessary skill clearly happening in our modern digital/CGI film and television mediums.

What could have remained such a bleak and dark time, has presented itself to be one of the most fulfilling, expansive, heartwarming and transformational journeys #GetPaidInGrowth. To continue on with such like-minded, committed, invested lovers of theater has not only brought our long term ensemble members that much closer, but it has attracted and brought new ensemble members with equal burning passion for the glorious craft of acting. #ActorTribe. 

Our studio cannot express how inexplicably moved and proud we all are by everything our ensembles have accomplished during this time in history. They all continue to #MoveMountains.

Our London and New York City ensemble members will continue to do their incredible work on our online platform until we are assured it is safe to move into a physical theater space. In the meantime, we are working very diligently to solidify things so that when that moment finally arrives, it can be a safe, conscious, seamless and easy transition for all.

We will be auditioning prospective London and New York City on-going ensemble members and for our waitlist via Zoom July 6th-14th 2021 for our August 2021 ensembles and onward. 

With that said, we are so excited to finally be able to announce that, starting on August 5th 2021, all of our Los Angeles classes have been given the OK to be held in our normal theater space, The Shepard Theatre at The Complex Hollywood

We will be auditioning prospective Los Angeles on-going ensemble members and for our waitlist via Zoom July 6th-14th 2021 for our August 2021 ensembles and onward .

Lastly, we are also beyond excited to announce that we are in pre-production for our first ever Repertory Theatre production of MC² Actors Studio’s The Skelton Scenes. We will be posting more information on auditions for this project in the very near future. 

We wish you all the very best and look forward to seeing and working with all of you incredible artists soon! 

Until then, stay safe and keep on taking all the necessary steps to make all your dreams realized. 

Much Love,

MC² Actors Studio

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