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Do You Believe In Monsters Or The Unrelenting Ally Within?…

Even though we must do so from our homes, our studio and all our amazing ensemble members continue to adjust in our classes and persevere with our work, the craft of acting, and all the love and respect we hold for it…and each other!…

In this Masterclass lecture we discuss an all too familiar battle that many artists face.

Each of us has confronted, at one time or another, the myriad of “monsters” (as I like to call them) that creep into our conscious everyday lives…

And/Or we secretly battle those hidden “monsters” that lurk in our subconscious world that continually hold us back from really being who we are, owning what we do, taking the risk to put ourselves and our work “out there” (despite possible or inevitable criticism or even the dreaded result of “failure) and exploring uncharted territories within the vast playing field of all our artistic pursuits…and our lives

Even though these “monsters“…

These inner saboteurs…

May feel powerful, strong, permanent, unconquerable, insurmountable, and quite real…

The truth is that there is something within each of us that is capable of moving mountains. 

Something so great, something so powerful, something so REAL within each of us that is able to look at these fictitious shadows in the eye, dance with them, and watch them dissolve away. 

When we allow ourselves to connect to that unrelenting ally within, we realize that the light gets turned on, the shadows fade away, and the “monsters” disappear. 

As professional actors, we are constantly called and required to be brave in all that we do. 

With that said, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have those little moments (though they may feel quite big) of personal vulnerabilities where and when those “monsters” break in and intrude. 

But as long as we have that unrelenting ally within, we can choose which we believe in!

What is the truth?


What do you give power?

Where do you put your energy as an actor?

Where do you place your attention as an artist?

Which do you want to experience as the victor?

We are not as powerless as we may have been led to believe.

I hope you are all continuing fuel your artistic lives, create and make magic!

And I hope you enjoy this stay at home virtual Masterclass Lecture. 

 Stay safe and stay healthy!

Much Love,



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