Who We Are Behind What We Are Hiding

Who We Are Behind What We Are Hiding



As long as I can remember, I have always been intensely passionate about observing and trying to discern what motivates us to make the choices we do in regards to the outcomes we consciously or unconsciously desire.

Though taking in world this way may not make me the life of the party at all times (lol) , it definitely keeps me extremely present with the company I keep.

Humanity fascinates me.

What we do, how we interact, how we listen or not, how we respond or not, even our own silence triggers me to understand and apply it all to Life and Art.

I always want to know what’s behind the social mask because the false concept of what the social mask represents is blatantly obvious.

Yet what I witness over and over is that damn thing called ‘fear’.

It’s not the kind of fear as if a tornado is about to swirl in stimulating the sympathetic nervous system.

It is that invisible internal omnipresent fear that is always whispering to us in the back of our mind.

It’s a fear of reality.

Imagine that!

A fear of reality…of everyday Life as it actually is in this here and Now present moment.

And then that fear expands to other parts of our Life like the Exxon oil spill corroding our perception of ourSelf and the world we live in.

So in turn, we begin to experience a  fear of connection between one another and our environment.

Then we develop a fear of compassion and kindness because it now feels foreign and creates all these ‘what-ifs’ that accompany the ‘risk’ of opening our heart to others.

So then we begin to hide our authentic Self exacerbating a fear of vulnerability for being seen and judged beyond a filtered ‘it’s all ok’ existence.


And so to costume our fear we adjust our behavior and our connections to avoid being seen or effected in a profound way.

A human way.

The one thing that has remained constant in everything I have observed is that we all yearn for our experience to be witnessed and validated.

This connects all of us.

But we go on validating our filtered lives as if our own Life is our own avatar never getting to reveal our true essence.

The thing that astounds me the most is when all cover-up is dropped and things get real, I can see people start to breathe deeper.

It is like this heavy burdensome weight has been lifted.

I can see their eyes shine brighter.

I can hear their voices vibrate stronger.

And most of all, I can see them happier and experiencing a new found peace.

Not so much because something has been lost.

But because something real has been found.

Art asks of us to show up in all our grit and glory.

Ironically this is exactly what happens towards the end of our life.

So if we know this is part of the inevitable journey, why not start our BEing right now rather than waiting.

What are we hiding and why?

Is it truly worth the work it takes to hide our authentic Self for the sake of an idea of how we think we are suppose to appear?

I don’t think so…

I can promise you everything you are behind what you think you have to be is far more interesting than you have ever admitted.


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