Who Are You Really Competing Against?!

Who Are You Really Competing Against?!


So let’s talk about this idea of competition, and how it absolutely serves NO purpose for us as artists.

Because the truth of the matter is the real competition is happening within with this inner saboteur that somehow someway is convincing us that we are not good enough, we are not special enough, or we are not individual enough to fulfill the idea of what we think the outside world wants from us.

And that is absolutely not true because by the nature of our birth our specialness has already been validated…

The mold has already been broken by the creation which is us.

And though others may have gifts that we don’t have, we have gifts that others don’t have.

But it’s not our job to be thinking in those terms.

We have to realize that the more we allow ourselves to live in a dynamic of competition the more we continue to walk on our own Achilles’ heel causing more pain and obstacles rather than freedom and ‘success‘.

It’s our job to show up as we are…grit and glory…utilizing the totality of who we are, unapologetically, and unfiltered…and then trusting that all that is more than enough to show up for the demands at hand.

And then letting go of what we think those results should be and trusting that if they are in alignment with what is best for us…they will show up for us unfailingly.

So why focus our energies on trying to be ‘better’ than another?

When we really examine this, isn’t it all stemming from all the insecure energies formulated from our own personal drama?

As we begin to consciously dissect things for clarity, we begin to see that we have gotten lost in the repetitive patterns and held in the bondage of past unfulfilled experiences that are causing us to seek validation to make up for what was once not validated.

Perhaps if we are going to participate in competition, allow it to be a healthy personal competition with the Self committed to the choice of being better than we were yesterday in mind, body, and spirit all the while nurturing that very process with self love, patience, and compassion. 

And then if we can help someone else along the way, even better!

At the end of the day it is our responsibility to Self evolve and then help each other do the same.

As we come together in support of each other, watch the world change from Fear Factor or Survivor, to one of flourishing creation.

It is not about competition…it is all about COLLABORATION.


Self Evolution accompanied with and resulting in a Collective Evolution

Now that is fierce!

That is eternal!

Until we get to that state of consciousness, we go on sleepwalking, fighting, hating, killing, poisoning, and destroying rather than awakening, living in peace, healing, loving, and creating in harmony.

A dream?


A reality?


A choice?


That internal choice is always our own for the making…


What do you choose?


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