The Journey To True Strength

The Journey To True Strength


Don’t get it twisted.

Strength is not achieved by a mask of being ‘badass’.

Strength is not achieved by how much muscle we can pack onto our body.

Strength is not achieved from all our successes.

Strength is not achieved from our social status or political clout.

Though these may all be somewhat worthy of celebration at times, they are all temporary and can cloud us into thinking they define who and what we are towards the ‘others’.

It is our perseverance in overcoming the ‘impossible’ that allows for true inner strength to be rewarded that is not dependent on any external value.

The journey to the true Self, remembering, respecting, and opening our heart to love at the core level and being able to spread that love and respect to others.

This is the real definition of strength that can never fade.

It cannot compete with any transient token.

All else lives in shadows compared to this mind blowing journey.

Never give up on what is good and true.

And no matter how trying, no matter how hard things may seem or get, never ever give up on your Self.

You will find all the strength you need, even the strength you had no idea you had, just by the journey itSelf.

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