An Actor’s Medicine

An Actor’s Medicine


Let’s get personal…

As actors, it is not uncommon to have an extremely sensitive and even empathic instrument.

We willingly live our lives experiencing the deepest level of the human experience.

We expose our deepest self to the world not only because of choice but also a divine calling.

We are messengers of what is hidden.

We are speakers of what is unsaid.

We are un-doers of what is doctrinated.

And we are hopefully the shifters of the human consciousness towards that which is good and true.

However, there are moments in our work when this can feel burdensome.

It can go so far as to manifest to the point that we suffocate in our own despair.

We keep giving and forget the need to nurture ourself.

So we try to reach out to mentors and loved ones hoping that they will say that one thing to help remedy our experience.

Though the intention to help is there, often we don’t get that shift in our feeling life that we crave.

So as highly sensitive individuals, what do we do?

We have to be our own medicine!

This is OUR own journey and the accumulation of our own life experiences which have brought us here and now.

Just as we do not viscerally understand what’s going on in someone else’s life, it is just as impossible for anyone out there to understand what’s going on in our own.

So as artists, what are we to do when we feel lost and broken?

We stop right where we are!

This is a sign that there is too much going on in and around us.

This is a sign that we need to unplug and recalibrate from a world that has become unnaturally fast, toxic, and chaotic with inhuman expectations.

These feelings are a divine gift that notify us that something is off and its time to go within and reconnect to our center.

It is a crucial moment to make the changes we need for our body, mind, emotions, and spirit to heal so we are able to continue our very special path.

We have forgotten that we are not superhuman.

We are not robots.

We are human beings that require a time and space to get in touch with our silence and peace in order to transmute our defiict into something of a higher vibration so we can continue our work.

We forget that this IS part of our work.

This IS part of our process.

This IS part of our growth.

This IS part of our essentials.

THIS is our powerful non-toxic holistically hopefully habit-forming medicine!

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