A Political Statement For Humanity=Love

A Political Statement For Humanity=Love

It is so easy for us to go through our everyday life sleepwalking.

We become part of the herd.

We listen, believe, and become reactionary to what’s shown and said.

We get lost in the illusions that smother us into submission.

Our defenses go up and we unconsciously are in attack mode.

We can feel this all around us.

We see it every day on the news and throughout the world.

There’s so much anger, rage, hatred, deception,… the list goes on.

We’ve become too comfortable with all the darkness.

It doesn’t make sense.

It’s backwards.

We’ve become more fearful of love, then it’s actual opposite.

We’re scared to show it, we’re scared to say it, and even scared to receive it.

We’re so afraid that the vulnerability that comes with love will destroy us, when in reality it’s the only thing that strengthens us and build us up as a humanity.

So with all the political and social unrest that’s going on in the world, there must be a wake up call as a collective humanity that is greater, louder, and more powerful than this unthinkable unrest.

We need to get back to what’s real and true.

The signs are all around us.

We’re not the sum of what we’re told, and we’re definitely not the accumulation of everything we are taught.

We’re more than that.

Love is who we are, it’s what we’re made of, and it’s where we come from. Anything opposite of that, is a labyrinth of illusion.

It’s deception at the most basic level.

When really considered, EVERYTHING we do in life has love at the core level.

Every action we take somehow someway is about love.

Either getting it or not getting it. Either giving it or not giving it.

Whether it’s receiving it or giving it, it’s all about love.

LOVE is who we are.

It always has and always will be.

Fact check that as a REAL political statement!


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