That’s What Craft Does!

“When we truly begin to understand the craft of acting in a visceral, practical, tangible, executable, HUMAN way…

And how it mirrors the way we humans live in this beautifully complex thing we can LIFE

We begin to experience the delicious breath of freedom it provides. 

Craft is meant to free the actor so he, she, they can truly live moment to unknown moment circumstantially

The craft of acting provides the ability to be CONSISTENT in the work.

That consistency supports the actor’s ability to truly listen through the filter of the character’s wants and needs and therefore have stimulatedjustifiedcircumstantial, responses, reactions, instincts, impulses and spontaneity within the gap of the moment.

Craft allows for the actor’s talent to be married to skill.

The actor’s skill makes it possible for his, her, their instrument to experience the freedom of living the character’s life as it unfolds moment to unknown moment…

As oppose to their hope white knuckling onto luck that it will all go well and the magic might happen.

The craft of acting provides the backbone of confidence for the actor to know like they know like they know that it will go well each and every night or each and every take…

Because the actor’s endowed skill fully supports the work and provides the security that the actor can truly live moment unknown moment as a given story and its circumstances unfold.

When we really experience that kind of freedom in the work…

That initial passion, love, inner joy and smile that attracted all of us to this glorious art form…

The Craft Of Acting…

 Inevitably grows stronger and brighter.

That’s what craft does.

But it is a craft.

It is a skill. 

It is a profession.

One that demands constant learning, exploration, discovery, experience, growth and evolution…

Just as this beautifully complex thing we call LIFE does.” 

~Mario Campanaro
Master Teacher
MC² Actors Studio
Los Angeles | New York City | London

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