Impatient-Patience & Sweet Surrender

“Your greatest successes will inevitably come when your active intention marries your sweet surrender all the while maintaining your overall peace without clutching onto what an end result looks like. 

When you plant the seed of your heart’s intention, and you nurture that intention with passion, joy, active dedication, tenacity, hard-work, accountability, responsibility, skill, impatient-patience, a healthy amount of sweat-equity, trust, perseverance, faith, more joy and that sweet surrender, the universe unfailingly pays it forward by rewarding you with the fruits of your purposeful mission popping up all around you. 

There may be struggles along the way…

But the artist warrior in you knows not to give up.

The master craftsperson in you knows never to give up.

Admit the struggle.

Confront the struggle.

Don’t walk/run away, around, over or under the struggle.

Walk through it.

The actor warrior in you knows deep down that on the other side of the struggle is something well worth its weight in gold.

And for that, we persevere.

We work…

We work hard with the intention of getting the dream out of the dream-state…

And making it our own personal fulfilling reality.”

~Mario A. Campanaro 
Master Teacher 
MC² Actors Studio 
Los Angeles | New York City | London

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