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Broken Hearts

From The Masterclass:

“It is not the ‘easy’ that makes the Artist. It is not the ‘easy’ that makes the difference. It is all the complexity. It is all the ‘stuff’ that we may very often want to shy away from, that is the necessary ingredients to our work. 

Sometimes it is all those ‘things’ that may make us feel broken hidden deep down within. It is all that ‘stuff’. The deep, messy, dark and even shattered truth that is so very beautifully human…so extraordinarily ordinary…and that is an undeniable truth…whether we like to admit it or not…that lives within each and everyone of us.

And it is all that ‘stuff‘ that is necessary for our glorious ‘opening’ within the creative process. 

You are necessary. You are the answer. The technique means nothing without You….ALL of You from the depths of your soul. 

And though your personal pain is not the pain of the character’syou will always have it there as a reference point (if it is safe and helpful to do so) to marry to the givens expanded by your imagination that can help you along the journey to fulfilling that greatness of the Life of the text.

It is that kind of bravery that makes the Artist. It is that willingness to deeply live in relation to the givens and to do so publicly that makes you and your work more than worthy of being witnessed.

And it is when the work becomes far more than just ‘play’…When it  holds an artistic and social responsibility within your mind and heart…When it serves a greater purpose…That the work really starts to make a difference in shifting the world in and around you.

The great paradox of that is…In order to really do that…You still have to be willing to INTENTLY play…With the objective of revealing the utmost truth…In a myriad of very often extremely uncomfortable circumstances…While also fulfilling that great artistic and social responsibility…By using and sharing your heart and soul.

But along that creative process, there may be times when you are going to have to walk through your very own Hades in order to get to your very own Utopia. You may have to endure a lot…You may even find yourself struggling/suffering at times…But if you keep persevering…If you keep on believing in what you are doing…If you simply do not give up…You will find that all that hardship pays it forward by bringing something profoundly fulfilling into your Life. 

You may want to cry because it hurts so bad…And then you may want to laugh until you cry…Because you got through it.

And once you make it out of the fire, you will see all the beauty hidden within the ashes.

Each of us has our very own story of strife and struggle. And each of us has the potential for a very deserving and awe-inspiring victory.

Stay along the creative path. Do not give up! Struggle through if and when you must. Discover what else there is…Because you are everything. It is all there. In you. Find yourself there. Meet yourself there. Honor yourself there. It’s all there waiting to be discovered, explored and tapped into.”

Much Love,

Mario Campanaro
Master Teacher 
MC² Actors Studio