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Who Are You When You Are “Without”?…

In this virtual masterclass lecture we discuss the fact that we are all making necessary adjustments to persevere and overcome despite the heaviness of what is going on in our world. And part of being an actor/artist is being on the constant journey of learning essentially who we are under the myriad of circumstances that life presents us. And with what is going on in the world today…right now…we are being given this opportunity now more than ever to go on that very journey. We can use this time to learn who we areWho are we without what we do? Who are we without income, friends, family, things, games etc.? Who are we without? Internally. Who? Without labels of profession, activity, relationships. What’s left?  What is the beautiful complexity and substance that lives within all of us without all of the other ‘stuff’. We need to lean into that profound discovery and those possible transmutations and transformations. This ‘social-physical-isolation’ is and yet is not a choice. We have to take this time…instead of falling into a pit of worry, despair and fear that takes us farther away from who we are…what if we walk toward who we are? To understand that we are more than what we do…more than who we hang with…more than our salaries…more than where we live…What if we take this opportunity to help us grow within even more? The planet is asking us to do this as She heals. And so we are making these adjustments and persevering as best we can during this time so wecan also heal. Let’s do it together. And yet as artists, as we go on this journey of learning who we are without, it may be easy or tempting to give up and forget our purpose as artists during these times of great strife. We may forget the power that lives within all of us…and what we are capable of doing with that creative power. It is so important for artists to continue to show up right now (even though we must do so virtually) because there is so much healing that art is capable of achieving. Our ability to share gives connection to others who may feel lost, disconnected and isolated. Our work can help others learn who they are through its powerful mirror. Our work can help others connect to themselves. We all need authentic connection within to help others experience authentic connections within. This is our responsibility as artists – to GIVE. If we think about it, many spend more time with actors in their living rooms more often than family or friends or colleagues. And even as we ask who we are without…and even through all of what is going on in our world…we must understand that our work still matters. We…who we are…at our very core…are the instrument of our work. And knowing this, it is so important to remember that our work has meaning! Especially in time such as these! There is purpose to it. It has function. It is a form of medicine if you think about it. Never take what we do for granted. Use what is going on in the world and find a way to bring more importance, depth and meaning to your work…your gifts…who you are…your purpose. That is your creative power. That lives within. Use this time to continue to learn, explore, and discover who you are at the very core so as you continue to fulfill your purpose here on this planet, you are doing so with that much more authentic-connected-beautiful-powerful-sense of Self.
Stay safe and stay healthy! 

I hope you enjoy this virtual masterclass lecture!
Much Love, 


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