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Everyone Has Their Own Complex Story That Formulates The Way They Function In The World…

In this Masterclass lecture, we open class with a discussion about how life itself will always be the real Masterclass for the actor. Our craft is, always has been, and always will be formulated by life itself. I mean, what else would it be formulated by? Some may say we are storytellers, I say we are storylivers. We are intending to reveal the utmost truth within the story as service to the writer, all those willing to commune and witness that story, and the vast world of the human condtion. So why are we not turning to life itself to understand the work from its orignal source? Within life, in this here and now moment, lives all the answers to all the questions about understanding how people function and how we as actors can use that understanding for the life of our work if the desire to really understand and learn is present. Meaning, the hunger to understand married with a compassionate heart to understand and the intuition to see what may be hiding behind all things needs to be deeply vibrating within the actor’s mind, body and Spirit at all times. There needs to always be questions appearing within the actor’s mind and heart as he, she or they go through the journey of life so he, she or they can keep building that human vocabulary within his, her, or their instrument. It is by doing this, that we come to realize that within everyhuman life, there is a story that has formulated who that person is and how that person functions physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. It even illuminates us into understanding our own center and how we move through this crazy ride called life. If we know this about all humans, why then would we not apply that sameknowledge to understanding and revealing character. When we really understand this fact, it becomes possible for the actor to leave any kind of personal judgment out of the equation so he, she or they can reveal character with all the respect that a specific character’s story is due. It can evenserve in understanding and respecting all those that surround your own life. We can read this or that book about acting or life, but the truth of the matter is that the craft of acting comes from the living, observing, and implementing what life itself has to teach us and offer us about the human condtion. And trust me, life has a delicous limitless rainbow of colors to teach and offer you as an artist. I happen to call it Mary Poppin’s purse. It has everything you need in it! It is crucial for the actor to keep searching for the craft as it will always be mirrored, justified, and validated by life itself. Look for the intentions of people. Look for how people listen. Look for how people behave based on the circumstances that they are in. Look for how people try to find their way out of obstacles. Look for how people try to better their life. Look for how circumstances stimulate people to behave a certain way. Look for how people love or hate and then really question, and I mean REALLY question, what the story may be behind all of it. It is gold for the actor! And you gotta learn to pull and even steal that gold from the very rich, limitless, abundant, and giving account of life! And hey, the life info out there is free! So use it! By doing that part of the work, and it is just as important as figuring out an objective or learning your lines, it gives the actor a very high artistic standard to urge the actor to pursue and reveal only what is truthful in the work based on the circustances of the story that the writer has given. As a result, it obliterates “indication” and it debunks “shmacting” and your not trying to “pull one over on the audience“…who, whether you like to admit it or not, just so happens to know better…and truth be told…ya really can’t pull one over on them anyway. They are way to smart! Life serves as the actor’s guide in the life-long continuation of cultivating craft while also creating a high standard when it comes to being the very best crasftsperson and artist that he, she or they wants to be. So keep going and never settle for mediocrity or any generalizations in the quality of your artistry!
I hope you enjoy this lecture!
Much love,


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