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A Mission Statement For The Actor…

With all the recent tragic events happening in our world, we had quite an emotionally charged week at the studio. All these horrific events beg to question what does it all mean? Why does it all happen? When will it change? Will it ever get better? Does it get better? When will we learn? When will we wake up? What am I doing? What can I do? Does it even matter? Well, it does matter. And you matter. And it will get better. It does get better. I hope this lecture serves as a reminder to know that you matter. I hope it serves to inspire you to know that your work matters. As actors, as artists, as co-creators, we all have a calling and even a mission, that is capable of shifting some of the darkest realities and consciousness that humanity still has to face with the objective of creating a better today and tomorrow…provided that we take on that role responsibly and with commitment, accountability, respect, compassion, awareness, insight, and pure intent. Never forget that you, your voice, your instrument, your actions, and your work are infinitely more powerful than you have been led to believe. Never underestimate that your individual creative power has the potential to uplift and even heal those who you may never even know in this lifetime. But like a pebble being gently tossed into a vast pond, that ripple effect with reach all those whom it is meant to reach.
Stay the course.
Stay an integral part of the process.
Stay intent.
Stay awake.
Stay in that creative transformative light.
You can move mountains…
I know you can…
And we will…
I hope you enjoy this lecture.
With love,


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