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The Homework…The Rehearsal…The World Of The Text…& Character Dynamics

In this Masterclass lecture, we go into great detail about the importance of diving in and implementing the actor’s process at home…otherwise known as that not-so-appealing word “homework“. Though this word may sound like one has to sit down at a desk to solve some algebra equation, it is quite the opposite. It is a time and space for the actor to get into the “known” of the text so then the actor can step into the “unknown” of the moment. It is where the artist’s sophistication and craft come into play to reveal the absolute truth of the text. It is a private reserved “meditation” where the actor sets aside time to creatively explore, intellectually know, break down, research, observe, daydream, personalize, organically understand, viscerally connect to the material…so the actor can then rawly execute the life of the world of the script that a writer has created. This necessary process really gets the actor’s mind, body, heart, gut and spirit involved in the imaginary world of the text to then make delicious and attractive artistic internal character life choices as well as specificity regarding physicality, history, wants, needs, obstacles, environment, and of course, relationships. It gives the actor the opportunity and support to get specific about the life that the actor is revealing so the actor can bring something quite stimulating to the rehearsal process that can then be dropped and actively pursued moment to moment based on what is genuinely happening in the space with his, her or their partner(s)…and then make adjustments when needed as the process goes on. It is and should be a glorious, fun, imaginative, creative and playful process for the artist! Is it work? Yes, of course! Sometimes it very well can be. But this is the actor’s work! It is the actor’s job! And it is also what separates the professional actor/artist from the hobbyist.
Enjoy the (your) process!


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