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Growing Pains…Awareness…Sweat Equity…The “Dream” Breakdown…

In this Masterclass lecture, we have a heart to heart discussion about the inevitable growing pains the actor faces along his, her or their artistic journey. Let’s face it, to do this type of work, and to do it with the level of truth and artistic integrity that this work demands, it is going to ask the actor to look at, examine, feel, explore and then reveal (from his, her or their very being) certain aspects of the human condition that maybe a non-actor may not have to or be keen on experiencing. It is all the trials and tribulations and all the discomfort those obstacles cause, that are the very stimulus to a greater understanding of life and expansion as artists, and quite frankly, as human beings. All that “stuff” keys us into a greater and more compassionate comprehension of the human condition so it can then be revealed with integrity and truth within the work. In order for us to do this, we have to continually work on a greater awareness within our lives to avoid sleepwalking through our everyday. We have to be willing to take things in. We have to be willing to take our-self, our patterns, our feelings and our own behavior in. We have to observe things. We have to do our best to see the story behind all actions and why they occur. We have to care! Our awareness spotlights how we can make more informed choices that contribute to our greatest and highest good as well as the fulfillment of all our artistic endeavors. And a lot of the time this is going to be very inconvenient, difficult, tedious and maybe even heart-wrenching work without immediate payoff. But the more the actor stays on track, the more the actor continues persevere, the more the actor continues to align, refine and cultivate his, her or their craft, the more the payoff will come when that moment(s) is meant to come to fruition. It is about trusting the process. It is about respecting the process. And it is about holding oneself accountable within and throughout the process. As we look at all this through a microscope, we can see that art mirrors life. We can see that very structure in the craft itself as we breakdown the journey to fulfilling the actor’s dream. And by understanding that breakdown from a very personal level, we can then see, feel, understand and execute how we can breakdown the character’s journey to doing all he, she or they can to fulfill his, her or their greatest dream as indicated by the text.
I hope you enjoy this lecture!
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