A New & Necessary Approach To The Actor’s Work…

Despite what is going on in the world and all the changes occurring in our industry, @mc2actorsstudio ensemble members are still BOOKING!!

Check out what MC² Actors Studio masterclass ensemble members Amanda Bird @anoisybird @noisy_nest and Holly Hubbell @hollyjohubbell have to say about this whole new way of working with regards to the necessary adjustments in our industry!

REPOST @anoisybird @noisy_nest : “I booked it, we shot it… In quarantine #mc2actorsstudio @anoisybird and @hollyjohubbell on the changing industry in my acting class is held on zoom are the way of the future! @mc2actorsstudio”

REPOST @hollyjohubbell : “Commercials in quarantine. The industry isn’t stopping, but shifting… And so should you. We SAFELY shot a global commercial over the weekend with the director in France and production team in Germany. Times and protocols are changing – so if you want to stay relevant, it’s time to learn to expand your craft.“
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