What We May Be Hiding May Just Be What Makes Us A Star!

What We May Be Hiding May Just Be What Makes Us A Star!


After coaching on set a few days ago I was RE-minded, yet again, that true star quality comes from the actor’s ability to reveal truth, mask-free, without apologies.

To show the world our individual light without trying to fit into a blueprint of what is “expected”.

Casting directors, directors, and producers are exhausted of seeing the same old performance and quite frankly become disheartened by the dime a dozen approach to the work.

Despite what many may think, the industry is not looking for a carbon copy of the next big star.

It is hungry for someone different that pushes boundaries, captivates the masses, and radiates individuality.

They are looking for that brave soul who shows up fully as they are and thus is able bring themselves to any given project.

It is crucial for us to arrive in our work with all our chaos, messiness, imperfections, and grit without limiting ourself to ideas of what we think is right or correct.

Hiding all of these amazing colors of ourself is in vain as every role we will ever play will be rooted in our given character doing what they can to improve their own life circumstances.

If this is what is required of the role, then it goes without saying, it is demanded of us.

We are the vehicle to bring that written character to life through the accumulation of our own life experiences because we and our imagination are all we have. Our truth is crucial to this business and our brand.

When we truly commit to this way of working, we will begin to experience more freedom, excitement, stimulation, and opportunity.

That’s true stardom!

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