Unapologetically Accepting & Loving Your “Brokenness”…

In this Masterclass lecture, we have a heart to heart about really understanding the Self and how certain aspects of life, relationships and circumstances can trigger the Self. These triggers can go as far as creating a lens over our eyes that color our thinking into believing that there is something innately wrong with who we are. Those unfortunate lies then out-picture and bleed into our everyday reality. We are innately loveable.Plain and simple. There, I said it! It has personally taken me all my life to know and believe that truth and something that I continuously have to work on. As a teacher, I can only teach through experience otherwise I am teaching fluff in my opinion. I don’t claim to be a Guru. And to be honest, I have no desire to be one. I’ll save that for those who want to be or claim to be. I simply claim to be human, just like you, trying to figure it all out. I just happen to be fortunate to have the the opportunity to contribute all that work into the world of acting which demands the constant examination of the human condition on all levels. No matter what your history is… No matter what you have been through…No matter what you have been told…No matter what you have been taught…And no matter what you have been brainwashed to believe…YOU ARE LOVEABLE! Just as you are. And you matter! And that voice and story inside you matters! Imperfections” and all! It is the Self, who you truly are, that is the necessarysubstance which ignites the creative force within you to create. It is the Self, that amazing soul living inside that vehicle that we all call a body, that differentiates each and every one of us from the next person and makes each and every one of us inexplicably unique and special. And it is allthose differences, “quirks” and all, that are the reason we have so many stories about people. And it is the reason why we connect to so many of those stories on so many levels. The more we understand the Self, the more we have the capability of understanding what may be hidden beneath the many layers of every character…and every person. We have to know, understand and accept that this idea of “perfection” is not the artist’s friend. First of all, there is no way of meeting that standard of perfection save the fact that you are perfect as you are…yes, even those so-called “imperfections“, “flaws“, and all. You are perfect as you are. I(‘)M-PERFECTION. There is always the ability to evolve, expand, and grow, but at the core level, you are perfect for being just you. But the “idea” of perfection does not fill the gap. It doesn’t do the job. It is some made up filter that is simply BS. This idea of “perfection” separates us from the very foundation of what art is all about. It is all that other “stuff” that does the real work! Art is alive because of the “brokenness” that humanity has and still does experience in one way or another. It is our “brokenness” that connects us all. Our “brokenness” is the language that all of our hearts can understand because we have all suffered in one way or another. All that suffering is and always has been the catalyst to create. Art is there to speak up in the face of diversity. Art is there to light the torch in the midst of darkness. Art is there to mend our broken hearts, our broken spirits, and all of our brokenness. And then to bring us all together to know that “OMG, I’ve been there too!” As actors, we have to face, come to terms, accept and love every part of who we are. All the “flaws“, the “quirks“, the “weird stuff“, the “imperfections” and all of our very human “brokenness“. It is part of lifeand it is part of our job!
I hope you enjoy this lecture!
Much love,


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