The Movie Of Our Mind

The Movie Of Our Mind


Each of us has an inner monologue that manifests as a subtle voice constantly whispering about the present situation in which we are perceiving.

If these circumstances are out of our comfort zone we quite often begin to criticize them.

This perception then begins to inevitably develop a very specific lens of the world in which we live.

We convince ourself that our experience is completely separate from what is going on “out there” and “the others of the world” are to blame.

With that chosen lens, we somehow believe that we release ourself of the responsibility of what we are experiencing when in fact we are the lead players of that very experience.

We go throughout our life, for the most part, unconsciously choosing thought processes based on our historical experiences and then act on them as repetitive as Pavlovian dogs .

We create this movie in our mind’s eye that brainwashes us into thinking our thoughts are the one and only truth.

As this happens, our mind, like a projector, creates that actual story into our reality because our reality can only be experienced by what the brain is willing to formulate.

We get so wrapped up in the story, like when we are sitting at the cinema, that this does indeed become our truth no matter how pleasant or unpleasant that may be.

It’s a cycle of inner dialogue, perception, judgment of whats good or bad based on past experiences, and then the continuous creation of that which pleases or displeases us more and more… over and over again.

However, once we become aware of this inner monologue as the script to the movie in which we are witnessing, we immediately become conscious.

We become the observer and the knower of our being.

Within this consciousness we are able to stand witness to our own thought processes.

We are able to get a “bird’s eye view” of the reality in which we have created.

This can be a very scary truth for a lot of us because it then takes us looking at our life and holding ourself responsible for all that we are willing to experience.

Yes, WILLING, to experience.

The exciting part of this is if we have created a specific movie that we no longer wish to perceive, we have the power to shut that down without judgment, change the film, and begin to witness life differently.

But we must put into practice patience, discipline, self trust, self nurturing, self love, and the willingness to EXPERIENCE a new template through consciousness.

We need to awaken to something new to experience something new.

We can only begin to create a new movie by becoming conscious of that subtle voice and transforming each thought to that which we CHOOSE to experience in the here and now moment.

To choose patterns that truly do serve our best and highest purpose.

The possibilities that this creates for our individual microcosmic experience is astounding.

Just imagine the possibilities that could occur on our planet if we made this adjustment for the best and highest purpose of the macrocosmic experience.

Can you then see that movie?

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