Seven Lessons From The MC² Actors Studio Masterclass

1. “One of the biggest secrets the artist holds is all the hard work invested in creating something that appears so simple and easy.”

2. “The imagination gives us wings to take flight and journey into the many different colorful worlds that stretch beyond the limiting boundaries adopted by routine civilian everyday ‘normal’ life.”

3. “When you endow the givens so much so that they are deliciously carbonating within your entire being…all your focus-concentration-attention is held within that imaginary world…time and space stops…and you can authentically live in the sweet gap of the unknown of each and every moment.”

4. “True vulnerability is one’s willingness and commitment to really go after wants and needs despite the possible success or failure of those wants and needs being met. When you truly go after something with all your grit, glory, blood sweat and tears, that kind of vulnerability is as powerfully congruent to the most fierce lion in the jungle. That kind vulnerability is pure focused-concentrated strength and courage.”

5. “There is one language we can all understand that surpasses any and all language barriers…and that is the universal language energetically expressed through a broken heart.” 

6. “At the end of the day, it is not your technique or your expertise that makes the difference…it is your humanity. It’s the humanity that you bring to the work that is THE essential ingredient. It’s YOUR HUMANITY that is crucial and necessary in order to interpret the most profound ideas within a given text and then breathe walking authentic active life into them. All roads of our craft and technique lead to that destination. Pure, unapologetic, raw, authentic, messy, unfiltered human life revealed through story…and that kind of work is not for the faint of heart. It is for the full of heart.”

7. “It is not your job to dim your light just because it may be too bright for other people’s eyes. Tell ‘em to wear a pair of sunglasses. You just keep on living your truth and shining brightly. Know like you know like you know that you shine as bright as the most illuminating lighthouse in a storm and that big bright star way up high in the vast sky!”

~Mario A. Campanaro 
Master Teacher 
MC² Actors Studio 
Los Angeles | New York City | London

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