Meet The Ensemble (June 2021)

From The Masterclass:

“It is not going to be just our technique that does the job.

Nor is it going to be our ‘expertise’ that is going to get us there and make the difference.

That may be for something, but it is not for the actor.

Our technique is there to help remind and guide us about the true humanness in the work.

But it is not our technique or ‘expertise’ that holds the creative power to move and transform.

It is our humanity.

It is our humanity that is the most important and necessary ingredient.

That is how we serve the story.

That is how we serve the character.

That is how we serve the theater.

We serve with our humanity.

And we work from our soul.”

~Mario Campanaro
Master Teacher
MC² Actors Studio
Los Angeles | New York City | London

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