MC² Actors Studio Industry Showcase Online

Dear Theatre Lovers!

On behalf of all of us at MC² Actors Studio, we would like to thank everyone that joined us for the ‘MC² Actors Studio Industry Showcase Online’ which was performed Live on Zoom Virtual Theatre on February 23rd 2021.

Our audience was in the hundreds with theatre goers from around the globe wanting to support and enjoy the magic of Live Theatre

This Showcase marked two very important dates for our studio. 

First, on Feb 14th, it was the Studio’s anniversary. 

It also marked the 1 year anniversary, March 13th 2020, when our studio had to make the difficult yet inevitable decision to close our physical studio theatre doors due to the Covid 19 pandemic and open our virtual studio theatre doors

However, we didn’t give up!

We persevered!

And though we struggled with the unknown, something incredible happened. 

As is so often the case in the life of the artist, we adjusted, adapted and made the creative conscious decision to do all we can to continue our work in this foreign land of Zoom while still upholding all of our professional standards of truth, authenticity, exploration, sophistication and artistic integrity.

All of which we are excited to share again with this exclusive VIPindustry professional viewing in case you were unable to attend the live performance!

Viewing of the Showcase is 100% Free but if moved to do so, a minimum donation of £5 / $5 is kindly recommended and appreciated. 

We at MC² Actors Studio believe that artists are essential. 

We are so proud to have dedicated our showcase to help raise donations for two very important funds. 

The first is The Actors Benevolent Fund, which is an organization helping actors greatly affected and in need because of the Covid pandemic. 

We are also raising funds to create our first ever MC² Actors Studio Scholarship Fund to offer financial assistance to applying actors from our talented ensembles experiencing financial hardship but want to continue with the cultivation of their craft at our studio. 

All donations will be split 50/50 and go directly between the 2 funds.

If you would kindly like to make a Donation please click HERE.

Please also see your Programme regarding the performance and MC² Actors Studio Here

To Enter The Theatre and view the performance please Click HERE.

The Showcase runs at just over 1 hour and parental discretion is advised.

We also want to remind that, just like any true theatrical performance, any Photography or Video Audio Recording of any kind is strictly forbidden after the curtains have opened x.

But feel free to unwrap and eat that hard candy or snack at any moment as this is the only time in the theatre world when you will not disturb your neighbor!

If you wish to share your excitement regarding the event please do so using the hashtag #mc2actorsstudio and @mc2actorsstudio

If there is anyone who you know that may also be interested in viewing the showcase, please feel free to spread the word and have them email our studio’sbox office at showcase.mc2@gmail.comto receive a link.

Any questions or queries about the show or studio can be directed to our studio’s administrative department

To learn more about MC² Actors Studio, please visit

We really do hope you enjoy today’s performance.

Once again, Artists Are Essential, so let’s all continue to Support The Arts in any way possible during such unprecedented times.

Much Love, 

Mario Campanaro
Founder & Master Teacher
MC² Actors Studio  
Los Angeles | New York City | London

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